4 Important Elements of Writing a Great Blog Post

Writing for a blog is a hard thing to do, sometimes it feels daunting. Have you ever sit down to write and the words just don’t come?

Every pro has a unique system and structure for blogging.

Depending on the goal of your blog and your viewpoint, you might be an approach in different ways, but you’ve observed that the most powerful blog posts typically have four important elements. Here they are:


A headline that grabs user’s attention


A great blog post is about a topic or story or an idea. Not 50. Not 100.

Before you start blogging, figure out what you really want to write about. Pick the best headline and create a solid structure, you can always change it later. And start writing.

Catchy titles are interesting, descriptive, and attractive. It should read a magazine headline or a TV newsflash so that readers can click the link. A headline is the first thing your readers see — and the only thing, if you don’t do it right. Take time creating a catchy headline. This is the first step before you press “publish.”


An interesting main paragraph


You know that the first impressions matter, right? So why aren’t you writing it? Why are you wasting readers’ precious time with unnecessary details and silly titles?

When it comes to the Internet — when people’s attention spans are even more limited than with print — your opening paragraph is very sensitive. Don’t blow it.

Start off with, a question, or a bold statement. You only have one chance. So, make that count.


Supporting points


This is the main part of the article. It’s the “body” of the post — that will back up your main topic.

Every idea you share you need to have a supporting rationale, something the readers can dive into. Your article doesn’t need to neatly fit into a two or three-point argument or processing steps, but you can’t be all over the place.

Consider what you want to say and how you want to say. There are some great ways to craft article is using bullet points. Then, start writing the body of the post using these as your main sections.


A call-to-action button


If you’ve hooked your readers’ attention with a catchy title, drawn them in with an interesting content, and then draw them through with compelling bullet points, now you need to wrap it up.

You don’t need your audience wondering why they bothered reading your post in the first place, do you? Give them satisfaction to take away.

When you write a blog post, you have to follow each of these elements, treating them as steps. Here’s how you typically blog:

  • Pick a right subject and write a headline
  • Write the Body (main paragraph)
  • Include call-to-action
  • Edit and Edit and revise
  • Proofread many times
  • Publish (checking the whole article again make sure everything looks good)
    Follow this process every time you publish, and you’ll struggle a lot less with coming up with great content.

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