4 Questions That Help You to Start Your Blogging Career

Blogging is not just rapidly growing platform for online community, it’s also a viable career option. Young people are jumping into the blogging world to earn part-time income, some are even earning a full-time living. But becoming a pro blogger will require a lot of things, if you planning to make blogging your full-time career, this article will help you.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself before starting a blogging career.


What is this about?


What is your message that you want to share? What do you want people to know about?

In simple words your blog is about you is not enough.

Is there any interesting message that you can convey to people who are excited to read about and experience your content?


The way you create your message?


Many times we listen to podcasts and read an article not just because of what people say, but the way they say it. Writer’s voice matters a lot. So what does your message sound like? Will you give a lecture to your audience? Will you get personal with your content or keep your content prescriptive?

A perfectly written post is about choices, and until you make one, your message will feel boring and uninteresting.


Who is this for?


You can’t build something for everyone. It doesn’t work that way.

Something for everyone is effectively something for no one. Because we, the readers, we don’t want to feel like we’re part of everything. We want to feel special, and the way you can make your audience feel that way is by communicating with your audience using interesting message.

This is your group. Who are they? How will you reach them? Knowing your ideal audience is reaching half of your goal. The other half is simply finding them.


Does all of this add value?


Are you creating so much value for your readers that they would be willing to pay you? Of course, not all blogs have to be monetized, but it’s a good question to ask as it indicates how much value you’re actually adding to your blog.

And if you want to become a full-time blogger, then having a clear vision of what you want to sell is a good idea. And if you are creating a community that will be hard to monetize, that would be good to know at the outset. It will help you have the right expectations.

Here’s what it comes down to. You need four elements to create a successful blog:

  • A clear message
  • A good platform
  • A committed group of people
  • A product to sell

    Those four things will help you clarify your message and grow a large audience that you can easily monetize. If you have something in mind that might be helpful for others, tell us in the comment section.

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