6 Easy Tricks to Write Catchy Headlines

The Internet is full of noises, how do you convince people to actually read your article?
It takes little more than just good content or great images. The most crucial part of writing is the right headline.

The same rule applied to book chapters, blog posts and so on: The title should be your main area of focus. You should begin your every article with one little question: “Would this make me want to read on?”

If not, keep editing. Don’t publish until you’ve found a right and catchy headline or title.
Here are few tricks to write catchy headlines for beginners.


Use Numbers


You’ve seen many copywriters use numbers in their titles, why? Because it works. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technical blog or fitness magazine; many of them will be using numbers to give a kick start off the headline.

Numbers works best for people, it catches people’s attention and makes them read your content. That said, sometimes a really enigmatic number like 16 or 23 catch people’s attention.


Why, what, when, how


These are trigger words. Most bloggers use “how” and “why” the most because they often try to wheedle someone. Your best option would be either trigger words or a number. If you are new to the blogging world, don’t do both, I know its sound good. But don’t.


Give something valuable to your readers


Provide something valuable to your reader, it doesn’t matter if you teach how to learn new skills? Will you provide some technical information or product information?


Tell them what to do


Create headline with command. Be direct, tell your readers what they need to do. These type of headline proves very effective. For example: “Stop wasting your time on web designing. Create website in one minute” and “subscribe to our services and get X for free”


Make an audience promise


Promise your readers something valuable, will you teach him some new skills? Will you encourage her to do something she’s never done before? What you want to do is dare your reader to read your content and make them come back for more.


When in doubt, be specific


If you are a reader, you don’t want to be tricked into reading something boring. Always remember, readers, drawn into something that sounds exciting. Take extra time to prepare perfect headline that grabs reader’s attention and make sure that you present your content in an honest and attractive way.

What you want to do is make them read your article. Without being bold or over-promising. Make sure you deliver what you promised.




Take some extra time thinking about what headline or title will grab your reader’s attention and make them read. Make sure your title describes your content in an attractive, but honest way.

What’s your secret for writing catchy headlines? Share in the comments.

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