9 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Blog

WordPress started out as a new blogging platform for beginners, but these days, WordPress considered as a full-fledged content management system. Because many people started to use this simple yet powerful piece of software. If you thinking WordPress will cost you a lot of money, you’d be wrong. WordPress is not just for blogging purpose, you can use it as an E-commerce website, standard website, and social networking site.

Here are some the hidden benefits of WordPress.


1. Packed with SEO features


There are many plugins and extension available for SEO, WordPress makes it easy for anyone to optimize a blog. WordPress gives you full control on which pages you want to optimize for high ranking.


2. Easy to use


WordPress is very easy to maintain your website, all thanks to its user-friendly interface. Adding new pages, creating a blog post, can be done quickly. Because this CMS is so simple, and time spent on proper formatting blog post is greatly reduced.


3. No more HTML editing or FTP Software


WordPress does not require HTML editing software like Dreamweaver, its self-contained system. You can easily format your text, create a new blog post, upload pictures, upload documents, videos, etc. All This without additional HTML or FTP software.


4. Full control over your website


Those days are gone when you have to wait for the web designer to make simple updates to your site. With WordPress, you can control every aspect of your website and make those simple updates yourself.


5. Search Engines easily read WordPress sites


Search engines love WordPress websites. The logic behind this is very simple, WordPress making it easy for search engines spiders to crawl and index a site’s content. Meta tags and description on each page and blog post make easy for you to optimize for specific keywords. You can also use tags to get a wider range of audience.


6. Customizable design


WordPress act as a digital face for your business. WordPress make sure that every look and feel of your website is 100% customizable, and provide a great experience for your customers.


7. Ready to go blog


WordPress originally design for a blogging platform, and its built-in blogging capabilities are amazing. You can set up RSS, email subscription, blog commenting features and automatically including the most recent blog post to every page of your site, all these things have a great impact on the overall ranking of your website.


8. Extend the functionality with plugins


No big deal if you want to add an event calendar, make creative video gallery, and adding Twitter Feed. All this possible with downloadable plugins. Most of the plugins are free to use or very reasonable price.


9. Add multiple users


You can easily create multiple users for your WordPress site, as an administrator you can assign different access levels to each user.
Let us know which CMS platform you would recommend for your business website. What other advantages of WordPress can you think of?
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