How to Create Perfect Blog Post – Tricks and Tips

You have content that everybody wants to read, but how do you get people to your blog? The perfect blog post is not a just great piece of content. In fact, the way you design and format your blog-post is the most important thing. Well-organized blog-post can help keep them reading and come back for more.

Adam Thompson said, “if your blog doesn’t look inviting, attractive, and easy-to-read, you’re less likely to earn social shares or natural backlinks.”

Here are some tips to convert your content into great blog-post:


Divide your piece of content into paragraphs


Paragraphs make content format clear, more organized and can read easily. Paragraph improves readability of your article/blog-post. Furthermore, a clear outline is very important for organizing your content because 70% readers first scan your article. They search for something that may be appealing. Help them with than and always choose short paragraphs.

Begin each paragraph with a subheading – H2 and H3 to define the title for each paragraph. Subheading will help optimize your blog post for targeted long tail keywords. If it’s possible to use bullet points, quotes, highlight selected keywords. This will make your content more user-friendly.




Well written content, incorporate fine quality and relevant piece of visuals that add value to your writing – That article is worth something. Blog post with images and video have been proven to attract more visitor thus more backlinks, and quality backlink has an essential impact on your overall ranking.

Pro-tips: For legal purpose add credit for borrowed images.


Include call-to-action


An article should focus on relevant information and help people with their problems, but also inspire them to take action. That’s why call-to-action will make your perfect blog post complete.

No matter if you offer some product or downloadable content in exchange for email address. Your requested action for people should be demanding. Also remember, don’t ask for too much.


Mobile optimization is necessary


Check your every blog post on a mobile device. You should be ready to enter the mobile world. Nowadays, people like to switch between devices, so it’s very important to make their mobile experience even better. You can use mobile-friendly test by Google, it will analyze your blog URL and give you a full report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.


Social Sharing buttons


Include social sharing buttons on your blog. Social media plays the crucial role to drive traffic to your blog. Also, you should include one or two “Click to tweet” boxes on your popular blog post. This will help lazy readers to share your blog post and give your blog exposer.




Perhaps you have your own tactics? Or some addition though and ideas that I forgot to mention? If so, don’t hesitate. Let me know your ideas in this article in the comment section.

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