How to Do Successful Blog Planning in 2018?

If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to think of blogging as a business. And you have to treat it like a business. No matter how big or little you invest in it. The point always makes it grow for you to get ROI that you deserve.

For that, you have to do something- a plan put into action.


Identify the Goal


You have to ask yourself this question “What do I want?” rather than “What can I do?” or “How will I do it?”

sometimes your blog had an issue, a weakness in your blog, an area that you want to improve, or probably a project that you want to finish. It could be anything.

The point is that it should be the results or the end-product that you want to achieve.


Gathered solutions


Many is better than one. Anything at all is better than just one. It’s not good news that you settle for a single method. As they say, “don’t put all your eggs in just one basket”.

There could be thousands of approaches to achieve just goal. For example, if you want to increase your traffic, your sure bet would be Search Engine Optimization. But, you can’t go wrong either if you have a strong social network, great content for guest posting, email marketing, article marketing and even paid to advertise.


‘HOW’ Process


  • After narrow down the possible solutions, its time to make the goal a reality.
  • Identifying the priority
  • Breaking down the process into a small process
  • Scheduling the routine work
    Once you Identifying the priority, you have a long list of possible outcomes, it’s best to rank all your possible solutions according to their level of priority. This way, you’ll know where to best channel your efforts.


    Know ‘When’


    Once your Focus is on accomplishing things. For each and every goal you set, or every project that you start, you should always be focused and committed to the end result. The main reason for having a deadline, therefore, is to have something constantly work into taking action.… and more importantly… to stop wasting time.

    One good skill of being a schemer is to be able to plan your every step properly with the current conditions of your blog. Of course, it isn’t logical to plan for 1 million subscribers if you barely even have less than 10 registered in your feed. Again, it has to always meet realistic goals.

    These step of blog planning is a systematic guide on how to craft a good plan. It’s supposed to make your life easy so make sure to follow the levels carefully.

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