How To Get Traffic Even if You Can’t Have High Ranking?

When you first look at SEO marketing strategies and its corresponding process, it’s actually a very simple process. We look for the right audience, we create and rank our website to match the audience’s intent, we ensure that Google can find our website in the search result, trust, and index our website, and we eventually strive to boost traffic while having higher rankings (Top 3 or 4 position). However, what should you do if you can’t have the higher ranking, but still want to gain more traffic?

SEO is not as simple process as people think it is to be. There are instances where an SEO professional follows the process and executes it smartly only to find out that their website can’t rank any higher than it already is. Aside from these problems, there are still many others that most SEO problems are not ready for. Why! Let’s find out.


Friendly Territories


Sometimes, This can be a successful business strategy, but it can also perform well when incorporated into your ongoing SEO campaign. It would be wise for you to do some research and find uncompetitive businesses that are in the same niche as you.

You can take advantage of this because you already have an established brand, an authoritative domain, and a great website as your foundation.

Once you’re finished with the list, you can start working on your keyword research, and find out which web pages are ranking for the keywords. The difference between this and looking for keyword opportunities is that in this case, you’ll be focusing on the core landing pages of the businesses.




You’ll never know if there are unnoticed opportunities in your field that’s just waiting for you to act. One such unnoticed opportunity is the potential customers that have insufficient knowledge or are intimidated by the product.

For example, your business primarily revolves around selling gadgets such laptops and mobile devices. Many of your potential customers will be wary of buying this kind of gadgets online without professional advice. This might lead to them not buying from you, or to buy similar products for a cheaper price – for the sake of reducing the risk.


Build up your brand’s images


This may be the hardest step in the list because you haven’t done it before, and you’ll have to do it, and with more effort. Building up your brands image is not only important but very crucial element that along the way proved helpful because if there are wary potential customers or enthusiasts, there will also be people that may have never heard of your brand.

The most important thing to consider here is that you need to appear in their feed. So, start targeting their demographic and properly research editorial sections or branded content that they are engaging, and start your image building from there.

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