7 Best Ways to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

Generating blog subscribers is the biggest concerns for modern businesses. Having a strong email list of blog subscribers has many benefits:

  • You build strong relationships with your subscribers
  • You can drive more traffic to new blog posts
  • Subscribers are more likely to purchase an offer than average website viewers


Here are 7 best ways of generating more blog subscribers


Guest blogging


This is one of the best technique to generate blog subscribers is to guest blog on more highly-established websites.


Traffic driven pages


Rather than scramble to drive traffic to a subscription page, consider the benefit of creating blog subscribe opportunities on your top 5 traffic-driving pages.

By “gating” the pages that people are already visiting regularly, you’re going to get more eyes on your call-to-action (CTA), and in turn, generate more subscribers.


Perform A/B Testing


Sure, you’re generating some blog subscribers right now, but could you be generating more?

It’s tough to tell if you live and die by a single approach, which is precisely why you should be A/B testing.

A/B testing helps you to turn blog visitors into blog subscribers has the ability to reveal insights that could double, maybe even triple, your current standings.

You can run A/B testing on any of the following factors:

Copy: There is no secret that small content tweaks have the ability to produce big results.
Color: Choosing the most effective color for your call-to-action shouldn’t be a decision you make based on personal preference. While you may love purple, a comparative test could reveal that orange is, in fact, more effective in terms of grabbing attention.


Social Proof


If you want to boost the credibility of your claims, include a bit of social proof (Join 10,000 other subscribers) in one variation may help to boost conversions by reducing the fear of being first.


Heat maps


Marketers belief, people do scroll, but according to the latest study, web users spend more than 80% of their time above the fold and less than 20% below.
If your only subscribe option is below the fold, you might be missing out on great opportunities.


Encourage people to share


Attracting new subscribers requires you to craft your content in new places where new audiences can easily read it.

Many businesses fail to recognize that writing a piece of content doesn’t automatically warrant a share. In order to share your content with a new audience, you have to craft something that’s not only worth sharing but easy to share with newbies.

Keep in mind that create an article that can be shared with little to no efforts required. Simply click the button and it’s sent off to their network.


Poll your visitors


There isn’t any better way to find out what type of content your audience wants to read than asking them straight out.

No investigation, no study your audience, no guesswork, just the truth.

So, what has worked for you? Leave a comment and let us know if we’ve missed anything.

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