What is The Best Simple and Efficient Dollar Blog Post Formula?

Writers should be producing quality content which is informative and educate readers and also help them to resolve the issues they might face. Publishing article on regular basis is necessary. However, apart from the daily blog post, you should also learn what the right content structure for your blog. Without the correct approach and plan, presumably, you’ll be stuck with a great idea, without knowing how to express it.

Today we’re going to find out how to use these simple and efficient formulas to create the perfect dollar blog post that will allow you to convey your content in the most interesting way. Let’s dive in!


Know Your Audience


Before diving into the writing, having a clear understanding of your target audience is important. What do they want to know? Why did they land on your page? What will resonate with them? This is the place where you have to create buyers personas. You have to know your buyer’s personas and interests while you’re coming up with a topic for your article.

For instance, if your readers are looking to start their online business, you probably don’t need to provide them with – How to start with social media – Most of them already done that. You might, however, want to guide them on how to adjust their approach to social media in a more casual way.


Start with Killer Headline


Before writing a blog post, you need to pick a headline for your blog post. Hence, you have to research until you find a perfect title for your blog post because this is an essential part of your article.

According to research, the 80/20 rule works best when writing headlines. Out of 10 people, 8 will read the headline and only 2 will read the rest. Social media platforms are overcrowded with engaging content and competition is tough. First, you should focus on how to make blog post stand out from the crowd. The killer headline will grab people’s attention quickly.

Here are some pro-tips

Your headline should raise the right question – typical question that buyers frequently ask on the search engine.

You have to be careful with the headline, it should be accurate and properly summarized in your whole article.
Let readers know from the beginning what to expect. This way you’ll avoid angry comment from disappointed reader whilst lowering bounce rate.

Keep In mind that your headline never cross 55 character limit. According to the market research, headline with 55 characters long tend to earn the highest number of Click-through.


Compiling introduction


According to the Neil Patel, the perfect introduction is one that “Share the main idea of the article” You should start with a current market situation, justify the particular problem that people are facing and explaining how it affects your users. Then you should highlight the result of reading your article. This technique will work like a charm and will glue your audience to your content.

Another smart tactic is to start with telling a story. Marketing gurus proved that the best way to start your content is, storytelling. According to their study article with great storytelling lure 300% more readers than an article without storytelling.




Perhaps you have your own tactics? Or some addition though and ideas that I forgot to mention? If so, don’t hesitate. Let me know your ideas in the comment section.

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