Why is Blog Commenting Important for Your Website?

This is an important factor in SEO and most important reason to consistently comment on another blog. If your site does not have enough authority than basically, you did not get more traffic.

Blog commenting process is long but on the other side, it can generate valuable backlinks, which can help you bring more traffic. Most of these links are no-follow links and for that, it carries little value; however, the process is still beneficial in long run. If you are new to the blogging world, it will help you indexing faster.

Here are some reasons why blog commenting is still important in a white hat manner.


Visibility Improves


When People searching blogs/websites that are related to your industry might be looking for the products or services that you provide(it can happen!). Maybe they haven’t found your blog yet. Getting your brand name in front of them is crucial but very important first step. You never know who could be browsing the blog comments. Remember that you always want to use a person’s name, which will help improve both visibility and credibility. If people see a company name, they usually think you only want the link. In actuality, you want to increase your visibility and exposure, so it’s best to use a name, instead.


Bring Traffic


Everybody knows that commenting help drive traffic to your blog. However, it’s very important to post a relevant comment.

Take advantages of WordPress Comments: for example, reply to every question asked in your blog post, it doesn’t matter if it’s your own blog or someone else’s blog. Anything that adds value to your blog will be appreciated by everyone.


Part Of SEO


Blog commenting has the power to boost your overall SEO process. By adding a valuable comment to your niche blogs can increase your chances to get high-quality backlinks.

Here are some things you need to remember when blog comment:

  • Comment using your name or keyword
  • Always comment on blogs with do-follow comment policies
  • Use Top Commentator widget for blog commenting

    Build Strong Relationship


    Using blog comment you can personally connect with the blogger from your niche. But remember it can take time to create a long-term relationship with an already established blogger. Once you start regular commenting, you will be noticed by the site’s administrator and your co-blogger.


    DISQUS is Great for Bloggers


    Don’t be afraid to use Disqus for commenting. These days even well-established bloggers use Disqus for blog commenting. Not only that but by building up your Disqus portfolio you’ll increase your credibility over time.

    So, Questions to you guys, do you accept all the comment? What’s your comment accepting policy?

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