WordPress vs. Blogger Which Blogging Platform is Better?

Two of the major blogging platforms for heavy text-based blogs are Blogger and WordPress. Both offer different but excellent designs and eye-catching features, which kind of confusing for new bloggers.




Ever since Google owns Blogger, the company offers many built-in Google features, like AdWords, Adsense, and Google Analytics. Blogger was originally started in 1999, it was one of the first user-friendly interfaces for bloggers. Blogger’s original creators Pyra Labs started this company in San Francisco. After starting the company started generating more user and traffic, by 2002 Blogger has several hundred thousand users. After they were purchased by Google, the site didn’t change much and they improve user interface that is easy to use for a blogger who does not need bells and whistles.




WordPress was created a year before Google purchased Blogger, WordPress was created to give bloggers a more complex blogging experience. Its simplest and easy-to-use bogging style was welcoming for a user who wanted their photo and piece of content on the front page instead of the blogs widget’s bells. WordPress was originally called b2/cafelog and created in PHP and MySQL.

The blogging platform markets itself to both novice and advanced users, as it offers an easy-to-use interface with simple features for new users but can be easily upgraded for advanced users.


Pros of Blogger


Blogger’s most efficient and attractive features to newbies are its cost: free, new bloggers should opt for a free of cost that is easy to use and provide step-by-step instruction. Blogger definitely delivers a user-friendly interface with widgets that are easy for users to master. The site is also extremely reliable. Blogger’s upgrades are seamless, and the site is rarely down for maintenance or due to other issues, such as hackers.


Cons of Blogger


While Blogger offers many basic features and a user-friendly interface for novice users, they do not offer a lot of options for more advanced bloggers. Many bloggers complain (both novice and advanced) about losing their template customizations.


Pros of WordPress


WordPress is a self-hosted blog that gives you a lot more control over your blog’s look and feels. You can also make money from the blog via advertising or affiliate marketing. You can choose your own domain name which will look more professional than blogspot.


Cons of WordPress


The requirement to run a self-hosted blog is little more advanced than those who required for a blogging platform. You will also need to pay $3 for monthly charges. If you just required a blog then we recommend using BlueHost.
Both platforms require little investment, it’s all deepens on your blogging experience and the type of blog you want to start, both Blogger and WordPress are good options for novice and experienced users.

Let us know what you think in the comments – are you a Blogger or WordPress user?

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