5 Ways to Turn a Webinar into Link-Building Machine

Creating a massive amount of content that attracts large numbers of visitors is a universal challenge for marketers.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about articles, blog posts, videos, or images creating large quantities sometimes causes a decrease in quality. Marketers generally agree that quality is more important than quantity, but it never hurts to have both if possible.

When you create more content using webinar, you don’t have to worry about quality because the quality is already “built-in.” If you want to create a webinar form a scratch, here are some ways to turn them into the link-building machine.


Convert regular webinars into full-length videos


Once you complete your webinar, you might host it as a full-length video directly on your website. Keep in mind that it’s accessible only in exchange for the visitor’s email address. This way you can build email list while offering valuable content at the same time.


Break your webinars into short clips


Viewers don’t have an hour to sit through an entire webinar. People might sit through for three to four minutes of short video clips if you provide them with the information they find valuable. That’s why you have to chop your webinars into short clips for a marketing message.

Dividing into short video clips that you can use as through-leadership for social media post. Present in a way that grabs people’s attention. Also, use this short clips in your email campaigns as a way to drive visitors to your website or blog.


Create multiple blog posts related to your webinars


It’s hard to fill your content calendar with relevant blog posts. But companies who produce webinars frequently have tackled this challenge easily.

Many marketers convert subsections of their webinars into several relevant blog posts. The parts of the webinar that garner a significant number of questions and interactions make for excellent blogging material.


Create Q&A content


One major advantage of webinars is that they provide chat logs of text conversations among your audience. These chat logs often reveal important questions. Actual questions presented by people in your industry, you can now create informative question and answer (Q&A) content that will really get attention.

Answering real questions that your audience asked in your content is highly beneficial because it sets your brand up as an authority in your field.


Create Infographics based on your webinars


Your webinars can become a rich source of attractive Infographics and images. You must highlight a common problem in your Infographic. So if your webinar solves visitor’s problems, you’re probably sitting on an Infographics goldmine.




A successful webinar is just the beginning. Sometimes webinars are just a thought of as an effective tactic for demand generation, but their value doesn’t end there. Don’t forget to include your webinars into your overall content marketing strategy.

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