Best Social Selling State for Your Sales Approach

The impact of digital media has created a wave in the buyer’s sales journey.

Digital channels now influence 92% of B2B buying decisions, while half of B2B buyers first gather the information to make these decisions on their own.
First thing first.


What is social selling?


When sales people use social media platforms to find new audience. You can provide value to your prospect by answering questions, responding to comment and sharing useful content. You can leverage your social media platform to:

  • Add new connections
  • Find the right leads
  • For educating purpose
  • Build a relationship with a potential client
  • As a marketing expert, you can offer digital help
  • The facts below will help you understand why you need to add social selling in your campaign and provide some instruction as you build your strategy.


    Offer more opportunities


    Social sellers attract more opportunities than their peer. It’s all about building a connection with your potential client before they buy your product or service.

    When you provide resources, customers will know that they can come to you not only for reading information about your products but also for industry information and general education.


    Hit revenue goal


    With consist selling process, you have more chances to hit revenue goals than companies without social sellers. When you continue sharing helpful content with the target audience on social media platforms they use the most, you’re able to stay connected with the potential customer throughout the sales cycle.


    A deeper relationship with the client


    Marketing professionals said that with social selling you can build a deeper relationship with clients. You can learn more about the person and their interests without speaking with them first.

    What topics do they find interesting? Are they active on any network or group? What ate their hobbies? Having these information gives you insight into the customers you want to connect with.


    Reduce research time


    Social selling reduced the research time they spend researching leads, researchers said that with social selling you will earn more leads with a better relationship.


    More research on social media


    It’s proved that buyers are doing more research on social media than ever before. Social platforms help them in their buying decision.


    Engage with leaders


    Buyers always want to business with a knowledgeable and creditable person.

    It means having confidence in your work and authority on the particular subject, impact your connection and followers. Leader’s point of view and opinion can help them grow their business.


    Connect with the brand


    Many users prefer to connect brand using social platforms rather than making a phone call.

    Social platforms attract more visitors at all points of their journey, from early stages of research when they are ready to make a purchase.




    Whether your aim is to prospect new business by growing your professional network on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Social selling is a powerful strategy for the early stage of businesses.

    It is important to understand how social selling work and how you can gain credibility, sell ideas, attract new customers.

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