How to Convert Your Blog Readers Into Leads Using CTA

Blogging is a popular, effective and affordable way to bring new people to your domain. But that’s not an easy task.

Generating good traffic on your blog is only half the battle. Pageviews, comment, likes, share are nice, but none of them is the main goal. You have to convert that traffic into leads. According to research, around 95% of your readers leave without taking an action. They may like your posts. They may come back again and again also subscribe to your blog. But 95% of your audience just read and leave. You have to do something, can you afford to lose the majority of your audience just disappear without a trace?

You have to actively generate traffic by frequently updating your blog with high-quality content.




Your blog post needs a call-to-action button, for some of you, this might be a wake-up call. Many bloggers end their posts with nothing more than an invitation to leave a comment, you need to get your readers to do something like download, sign-up, click here, subscribe, install, and so on.

There are many places you could place call-to-action button. The most popular places are:

  • At the end of your post
  • At the top of your post
  • In the sidebar
  • Scrolling popup

    Welcome Bar


    When visitors arrive on the blog, they’re at the top of the page, and there’s no guarantee that they’re going to scroll down further. Adding call-to-action button at the very top, make a lot of sense. The Welcome Bar or Hello Bar is very effective yet simple tool that places your CTA in the top, attention-grabbing band across your page.


    Location- Where to put CTA


    A static banner in the sidebar of your blog is widely used in the blogging world because it proved quite effective. You notice almost every blog you visit will have at least one email-newsletter or subscribe banner. When a reader first arrives at your website, grab that opportunity to convert immediately with a welcome mat. The whole page overlay with the interesting call-to-action button before revealing the post.

    A slide-in popup is a next upgrade in the evolution of the call-to-action. Slide-in popup only revealed to those visitors that have already demonstrated a genuine interest in the post. If visitors scroll down 70% of the page then you’ve got their attention.


    Exit Intent


    This overlay works in much the same way but is only triggered when visitors have seen their intent to leave by moving the cursor towards the back tab on their browser. This pop-up can pull back at least some of those lost lead.

    An exit popup boxes usually offer a special discount or coupon, collect customer feedback, a suggestion of another product, subscribe to an email newsletter, or whatever else you want to present in front of them to make them stay.




    Just like many e-commerce sites convert visitors into customers, your blog needs to convert visitors into subscribers. You need to get some information from your visitors while you giving them free content.

    What tactics did you try to convert your readers into leads?

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