How to Convince People to Actually Click on Your Link?

When you first started link building, you might get excited every time when you’ve got an alert on your guest article is published, but there were a couple of times when your excitement turned into dismay after finding out that your links were nofollow. That happens a lot!

Over time you learned that there’s more to link building that stressing out just to get followed links. Let’s find out.


Better crawl


There’s no better way to Googlebot can crawl the web if there are no links pointing from one website or webpage to another, and even if it’s a nofollow one, Google will still use it as if it’s a bridge connecting two places.


Relevant source


When we include links because we want to give our audience other resources. It could be resources that are also inside our website, or resources from other sites, either way, the purpose is the same – to give our readers endless opportunities to learn more about the topic we’re discussing.

It is also one of the main reasons why we all want to get backlinks from quality websites such as Huffington, The New York Times, and Moz because we know that they only link to quality, relevant and great content.


Traffic Boost


In relation to above point, just imagine getting a link from The Moz. Expect one of the best things that can happen to your site – boost your website’s traffic!

Because Moz has tons of daily readers, chances are these readers will click the link that is pointing to your website, and will then find you with relevant content.

But even with backlinks from popular websites, it shouldn’t stop you from aiming to get links (whether a follow or nofollow) from other websites with few traffic but are very targeted.

Why? Because it can also lead you to have targeted traffic as well, which is better for conversion.


Sales can increase!


And if you have a targeted audience, then your chance to convert your readers into customers will definitely increase too.
If we will look closer, we’ll find that only backlinks can actually bring awareness, which will lead to visits (or traffic), and soon to increase ROI. And it can happen even if your links are not followed.

In fact, many companies get almost all of their traffic and sales from links on social media, which is by the way nofollowed.




By the end of the day, its all about who has better and user-friendly and visual content. Share with us your thoughts about this article by commenting down below!

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