How to make your blog post viral in 2018?

You probably heard about a blog post or other online content that goes viral, right? So, what is this “Viral content” means? And what are the reasons behind blog post go viral?


What is Viral Content?


When a content shared by many people, that content goes viral. With the blast of social media, there is more and more potential for any type of blog post/website content to go viral. Photos and videos especially have more chances to go viral because visual mediums are easy to share and these can easily be incorporated into a blog post. But the main question is what makes this contents go viral? Let’s find out.


What makes them go viral


To be viral, a content has to strike into audience’s mind so people can connect with them. Usually, viral content has following elements:

  • Controversial Media
  • Funny Content
  • Trendy Topic
  • Unique and Useful articles
    Not all the blog post have this features, but you really just need one or two of them to attract more visitors. Funny or cute photos of pets and children are always popular on the internet. So are controversial topics, and in some cases, this type of content is offensive or scary. For instance, when there are flu outbreak and some article about how to avoid it or information about particular flu outbreak.


    Trendy Topic


    This is the hardest and important quality that most viral posts content. For example, celebrities news, politicians, and other well-known people.

    Sometimes trends are about events or things rather than people. Think of all the hype that surrounds a new gaming console released by Sony or Microsoft. Events such as extreme weather, sporting events, elections and even holidays can be extremely trendy topics.

    There isn’t any secret to creating a viral blog post? You can not say for sure that your blog post or content will go viral. However, if you follow certain rules, your chances may increases.


    Utilizes the power of social media


    Have you ever heard about blog post go viral without making much of an effort? This is rare. The more you share your content, the more likely it is that it will spread. In order to do that you have to connect with people, expand your social network. If you have lots of followers on Instagram and solid connections in Linkedin and Facebook, it’s easier to have your content go viral.


    Research the viral content


    If you want to get a feel for what goes viral, keep in mind that every single day there are new viral images, videos, and articles. Go to various sites and see which posts and another content rise to the top. You don’t want to copy someone else’s content, but you can get valuable guidelines.

    So, what kind of content from your blog post usually popular? Share your experience and if there are any tips you would like to share with us? Please comment down below.

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