Things You Must know About Marketing Your Website!

Your website could convert visitors into leads: There’s an important part of the website marketing (SEO) world called conversion rate optimization (CRO for short).

CRO, in a process to involves making changes to your website in order to increase the percentage of people who visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, share and comment on your blog posts, or buy something.

What most website owners don’t realize is that people who do this well realize huge gains in performance from their websites.

For example, you know about this great blog post called Kissmetrics detailing performance improvements all the way up to 560%.

Usually, it’s also easier to double conversion rates than it is to double qualified traffic.
Use tools like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, or Google Content Experiments to research on variations of your website layout or content to determine what drives the most traffic.


Website Content is more important than design


If you are looking for a website refreshment if you’re like most companies you look for a design firm that has a good portfolio, one you and your team like the most.

But what most people think of as the elements that make up a website’s design are relatively superficial things like colors, patterns, gradients, buttons, etc.

While it’s always important that your website reflects your business/brand, we usually see far too much attention given to the superficial things and far too little attention given to the things that actually sell your products or services.


Build and rank high


Don’t expect to rank on the first page just by throwing up a website. The ranking is a long-term strategy and it’s competitive. Your competition wants to get found just as much as you do.

If you plan to lure traffic, sales, leads, etc via the web, it demands to spend the time and money required to get results.


Don’t invest all your money!


That’s true! Don’t invest all your money and resources into the website building. Be sure to budget time and money to understand your target market and how they use the web. Save a good chunk of PPC, SEO, or other methods of driving traffic, leads, and sales.

This is simple fact that most people are just browsing. But if you can give them a reason to come back, or you can keep them invested through email, RSS, social media, whatever, you’ll have more chances to be front of their eyes when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Do some research on your niche to understand your customers’ buying behavior and use your website to maximize the value of each user.

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