11 Best White Hat Link Building Tips for Bloggers

With all this talk about the importance of keywords and getting found in the search engine, it’s easy to get carried away and begin to stuff keywords into every square inch of your website domain.

Hold it right there!

While keywords are indeed the heart of any SEO strategy, it’s important to understand how to use them the right way.


What is White Hat SEO?


Rather than just stuffing keywords, white hat SEO is about choosing the right keywords and using them to improve ranking, making it easier for a search engine to find your site.

So, instead of putting keywords on every page, white hat SEO will include keywords in a way that make sense, flow and helps create and support valuable content for the customers.


What is White Hat Link Building?


Building good inbound links through link-building is a valuable white hat SEO tactic, used to make your website a more credible source for directing traffic to it from other sources.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re a source of great content, people are going to share that content. White hat link building will drive valuable traffic back to your website, resulting in a higher volume of relevant traffic and leads.

This 11 tips will help you to get more inbound links.


Steady blog


There’s no better way to creating shareable content than by consistently blogging. It’s the most effective ways of generating inbound links.


Include RSS feed on your blog


RSS makes it easy for people to share your content.


Guest blogging


Promote your content on other industry related blog is a great way of organically creating inbound links.


Case studies


If you create case studies with an outline and detailing the success of your clients, they’ll thank you for referencing your site.


Stay on current news


If you become a news source to your readers, you can bet they’ll be sharing your content on their social media or blogs.


Free stuff


If your free webinars, Ebooks, or whitepapers are helpful and resourceful, your readers will share it in an effort to help others.


Visual content


Get creative! There’s nothing more shareable than graphics, videos, cartoons, or any other visual graphic used to illustrate a topic.




These are the new craze! Similar to above, people love a great joke, and a meme is just that. A picture that contains a brief one-liner that uses the picture to illustrate the joke. Brilliant!


Do interviews


If the opportunity arises where you’re asked to be interviewed for another blog or website, do it! This is a great way to generate more inbound links!


“Tweet” it


In blogs that contain lists or stats of any kind, include a “tweet this” button, where a reader can click to automatically tweet on their account. Instant shareability!


Free trails


This enables users to feel included in some exclusive club, and may even lead to them reviewing your product or service.

Put all these techniques into action and you’ll get the results you want for your website or blog.

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