4 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Google Analytics

Before we dive into why your business needs Google Analytics, let’s understand why your business should have digital analytics support in the first place. Since the birth of World Wide Web in the past two decades, there has also been a massive surge of businesses who have brought their brick into the online world.

To measure the success of their website, a tool was developed that can help business owners to track their customer’s actions while browsing the website. In data, analytics provides you with important information in making your digital strategy more efficient and effective.

Since Google launched it in 2005, Google Analytics has been used by many companies and individuals of all sizes. Many tech giants have developed their own digital analytics applications, it’s easy-to-use interface is one of the main reason why many pick Google Analytics as their choice of analytics.

So here it is, four reasons why you should be using Google Analytics in your business.


Know Where Your Customers Came From


Having a high volume of visitors is one big thing, knowing where they are coming from is another. Google Analytics provides you tools for tracking your traffic sources, so you can better understanding is your marketing efforts are working or not?

Knowing where your traffic sources are, you will be able to identify the soft spots of your marketing strategy, and decide in which strategy you should invest in.


Highlight the Area You’re Getting the Most Traffic


With Google Analytics Acquisition option, you can see an in-depth result of where your audiences are actually located. This helps you to create specifically tailored marketing strategies.

If you are selling snow bikes, for example, you’ll know that the majority of your market will be people who live in snowy regions. You can then create campaigns, design products that will be most beneficial to these customers.


Identify Your Audience’s Interesting


One of the best features of Google Analytics is that it keeps a list of phrases and words related to your brand that can be used to help your website’s visibility on SERPs. If you compare the number of new visitors to your website versus the returning visitors, you can use the data to develop a strong marketing strategy.

If you know the exact search terms that your target audience is using to find the product or service you are selling, you can discover many advertising opportunities on websites, or optimize your web page for a high-ranking relevant keyword to draw more visitors.


Know Which Social Platforms to Reach Out


The popularity of social media in the nowadays is sky high, means that business websites are not the only way to attract new visitors. With the help of social media, you can view the pages that your target audience enjoys and place relevant deals and ads, also publish interesting content that will catch their attention.

The good thing is, Google Analytics can add different social media platforms so you can see which platform is bringing in the most traffic and is witnesses to high engagement.

Knowing the driving force behind your website’s performance is extremely critical to ensure the success of your online business. Using Google Analytics, you can ensure that your website will always remain on top of your competition.

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