7 Reasons Why You Must Use Social Bookmarking in 2018

For many SEO experts, Social Bookmarking is the best way to attract more visitors to your website or blog. Backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites are considered as quality backlinks in the eye of search engine.

Social Bookmarking is not the just effective way to earn quality backlinks but also improve your site’s overall ranking and helps you to make your content go viral.

Here are the list of top 7 reasons why you must use Social Bookmarking for your SEO campaign


1. Increase Brand Awareness


Customers might not find your website on their own, creating a business profile on popular Social Bookmarking sites will help potential customers find your brand or service with ease. The more you post content on Social Bookmarking sites, the more visibility your brand will get. This lead to more people visiting your website and increase brand awareness.


2. Content Promotion


There are many ways you can promote your content, but still, Social Bookmarking is the most effective way which you can quickly reach your target audience. Posting content on regular basis on these sites, you not only generate more traffic but also build a solid network for your business.


3. Faster Way to Indexing


As soon as you upload your content on Social Bookmarking sites, you’ll get a steady rise in the number of visitors to your site. Social Bookmarking sites considered authoritative sites, search engines spiders visit these site continuously thus, by placing your website’s link on them, you’re able to tell Google quickly about any new post on your website. Also make your website user-friendly, leading to a better user experience.


4. Generate Targeted Traffic


The best features of Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit or Stumbleupon is you can find content based on a keyword or tag. For example, if you are interested in food, you could just type “Food” in the search box and it will give you a list of sites related to food. This will ensure that only targeted people who are interested in what you are sharing will click on the link.


5. Best Way to Generate Lead


Social Bookmarking sites are the best place to virally promote your content. Since lead generation is the most important part of your business, using these sites will generate more quality leads, as people always excited about new offerings.


6. Subscriptions


The more interesting stuff you put on these Bookmarking sites, the better your chances became of acquiring traffic and if people find it worth reading, they are more than likely to subscribe your channel or blog.


7. Domain Authority


Improving your website’s Domain Authority is not an easy job. It is based on the number of factors such as page speed, user experience, social signals, and traffic. Submitting high-quality content with your website link in it will help you to get link juice from diverse authority sites, which will improve your domain authority.

To sum it up, keep in mind that don’t limit your social sharing activity to just a few bookmarking sites. Post links and content on as many bookmarking sites as possible, it will generate traffic and improve overall ranking.

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