How to Increase Website Engagement Using Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Nowadays having a strong online presence is very important for every industry to remain relevant and competitive. Successful marketing strategy would include both your website and social platforms.

This article will dive into a strategy which increases website’s traffic from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




Social marketing has changed a lot in the past few years. Facebook has managed to boost user count more than any other platform (up to 2 billion, now!)

Strategies to optimize your page:

  • Provide complete information about your company
  • Make sure your brand name and your username are same
  • Create your company milestone timeline
  • Create and organize page tabs


A/B Testing: One of the most effective ways to use social media is not just to take advantages of all options for drive traffic, but also utilize it to get data and feedback in a timely manner to measure the user experience so that result is never far off.




While Facebook offers a large number of audience, Instagram offers a different format of experience that people are adopting and love. The younger audience is favoring more visual communications platforms.

How to utilize the best way:

Posting practice: Make sure all of your posts is featuring continuous branding, high-quality images, and engagement substance. Don’t shy away from behind-the-scenes photos.

Advertise: If you have a strong marketing budget, consider paying for a sponsored post, where you’ll be able to choose your target audiences.

Instagram contest: This is the best way to increase your following count and create user engagement. Its clear invitation for your audience to participate.

Selling product: All of the above methods will build strong brand awareness and will create relationships with a visitor. But if those visitors can’t easily convert into buyers, then they’ll always only be visitors.




In compare to Instagram and Facebook, Twitter has the lowest amount of active users. However, before you completely remove Twitter from your ongoing marketing campaign, consider what Twitter manages to offer in comparison to the other.

If you know what’s going on in your industry, marketing research will become easier. Follow the leaders on Twitter, doing that will be even more beneficial for your marketing strategy.

If you don’t comfortable with doing daily tweet and retweet, just create an engaging profile.

Twitter will offer you to study the most exclusive industry leaders, not only you have access to what they’re doing and thinking but also if you make an effort to catch their attention and if you succeed In that, the payback is big.

Scheduling tools make it very easy to manage daily post at an optimal rate without a lot of investing time or energy.

Twitter offers instant feedback, the more people will like and follow you if you share your content.




For those hoping to increase brand awareness and build revenue, the starting place is optimizing your website that will keep converting visitors into loyal customers. How you drive traffic from your website and what social media strategy you use to do that. Tell us in the comment section.

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