How to Write Meta Descriptions and why they matter?

If you Google something you see in your search results have a little content below the link. That’s the meta description. If you have blog or website than meta description should really matter to you. If you want to seal the deal with a click-through, the meta description is your website’s only best option.


What is meta description?


A meta description is nothing but a little snippet of text displayed below each link in the search result. Meta description provides information about a website to search engine and searchers. Meta description plays important role in a search result. Every word that matches the search query is made bold in the description.

You can see above picture few lines of text below the link title and URL. That’s called meta description. You will see that included bold words are the ones that exact match search query. Meta description also appears when someone shares your content on social media channels.


Importance of meta description


Your product photo has always essential to online shopping. Posting product picture and well-written description will boost your sales. Instagram is the only marketplace that converts direct traffic into sales. Avoid crop or blurred image that loses professional touch. Make sure your images reflect professionalism. Meta description improves click-through rates from an organic search. Also, it’s very important for search engine optimization. Keep in mind that meta description may not increase search result, but click-through rate does. And meta description help get clicks.

Including a high-quality meta description will ensure that searchers don’t go scrolling for another result. Relevant result increase clicks. Meta description helps searchers understand why your link is the most relevant and trustworthy. The more visitors to your website, the better your website will perform overall.


How to write killer meta description


No matter what CMS (Content management system) you use, you should have full control over what your website’s meta description says.
Also, you can use SEO plugins like Yoast, to insert meta description into your site. You have to choose your sentences wisely because you have only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. Every single word must be dedicated to producing the click.
If you test one meta description and you didn’t get a good result, you can simply head back and try a new one. Perform A/B testing until you get the result you deserve. This may take some time, but it is worth it for the overall lifespan of your website.
In your meta description you only have three to four sentences to convince people to click, so make each and every word count.
Remember to use action-oriented language, with a call-to-action. Meta description will help you to describe what exactly what you want the searcher to do when they click on that link.




Meta description may not directly affect your SEO campaign, they play a crucial role in explaining your website’s content and generating click-through. Inserting meta description is easy – it’s writing them well so that reader click on your link, that’s little more difficult.
In what ways have you implement your meta description to help SEO. Let us know in comment section.

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