How Voice Search Important for SEO?

Search engine technology has seen quite the evolution over the past few years, with updating every aspect of the search result for delivering better user experience. These important updates that Google has done over the past few years not only improves how people search on a search engine but also help accommodate and adopt new technologies such as mobile SEO and voice search (Two most important aspect of SEO).

Voice search quite popular around the world nowadays. All thanks to part due to AI assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby, who help users with their various inquiries and make their experience smooth. This convenience has put voice search in a position to become a searching standard in the near future.


How Voice Search Works?


Performing a voice search on Google is very easy, simple and quick as doing a typed search. You just have to click the microphone icon in the search bar, and then you’re all set.

Once you have clicked the icon, Google gives you a few seconds to speak, and give your inquiry. Remember that your voice would be heard clearly through your microphone in order to get the most accurate results.


How to Optimize?


Nowadays voice searches becoming more common as time passes, optimizing your website for voice search can help you to gain more search traffic, and help users who would like to avail of your products and services. Here are some effective methods to optimize your website for voice search.


Purpose of Search

One of the most important things that you should know at the beginning of your marketing research is what are people using voice search for. It is best to look at statistical data to see the numbers, and know the purpose of these searches.

When it comes to search terms for voice, it is best to create search terms that users would most likely utter. Keep in mind, keeping them short and simple is a great way to go. Question phrases are the most common search terms on voice, which is why using where, what, how, when, who, why, and how questions are very much preferred. For example,”What time the slow start ”. “Where” questions are the best for most businesses, while “how” and “why” questions provide users with helpful information like guides and tutorials.

You can create a question and answer format on the page that targeted your voice search, this is proven beneficial and also this way you would be able to answer the question of the user, and feature them on top of the results pages.

Voice search is the future key to SEO and the big part of the search result. With some research and efforts in your ongoing campaign, you can utilize voice search to your advantage.

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