PPC Vs. SEO – Which Provide You Better Result?

The main difference between SEO and PPC is that organic traffic coming from SEO which is free, on the other hand, traffic generated from PPC is not free (as the name suggest you have to pay a cost per click).

This is another reason why you may sometimes see the terms organic search engine listings and Paid Search Advertising.

Both PPC and SEO are part of Search engine marketing which is one of the tools you can use as part of your overall marketing campaign.


Paid Search Vs. Organic Traffic


You will know where exactly your ad will appear depends on a number of factors (i.e. keyword in your ad or the keywords you are targeting, keywords in your landing page and many more) in PPC but it’s either on top or below the organic results.

In SEO your website/blog post will be on the first page if your website/blog is optimized for search engine.
In PPC you will get rank high on the first page by paying a higher cost per click (CPC)




As we talk about that SEO traffic is cost-free and PPC is paid and while this is absolutely true, you should understand that it needs a lot of effort and hard work to get free traffic from search engines.

The competition in SEO (Organic ranking) is very high for almost every keyword you can search and you really need to have a high-quality website and a great SEO plan to get one of the top 3 positions.
There are no quick ways to rank higher despite what some “SEO” companies are trying to sell you.  If you are not familiar how search engines work or don’t know anything about SEO then the best way to get search engine traffic is to hire an SEO expert to do the work you.




Are you wondering which method brings more traffic to your website, PPC or SEO?
Organic search brings more traffic than PPC so if you can manage rank your website for keywords you want, you will get much more traffic than PPC for those keywords.

The reason behind that is when you are in one of the top 3 positions you can expect to have a continuous flow of traffic 24×7 without having to pay anything but the actual volume of traffic depends on how popular a keyword is.

In SEO, organic traffic is continuous as long as long as you are rank on top position.

In PPC, Ads can get more clicks but this means that you have to pay more for more traffic.




If you want steady growth, you need both PPC and SEO as part of your marketing campaign. PPC can bring the faster result, use PPC when you have the high converting product and use SEO when you have the limited budget to spend on ads.

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