Top 5 Popular SEO Mobile Apps in 2018

Mobile optimization has been on an upward trend for past few years, with faster internet connectivity and powerful devices are huge factors. This led Google to create a Mobile-first agenda that better user experience for people using the mobile device for accessing web pages.

With this, SEO has gone mobile as well, With Google page speed update coming, mobile SERP and traffic are going to be a bigger this year. Without further ado, here are 5 popular SEO mobile apps in 2018.


SEO Backlinks


Checking your website’s Backlinks on regular basis helps you to ensure that your website has the relevant backlinks to bring the traffic. SEO Backlinks is the best tool we have to monitor website links. You can use this app by simply typing your Website’s URL.

This app efficiently and quickly track and list down all the backlinks available on your website.




This productivity app allows you to schedule your daily task in order to work more efficiently. This app will organize your work in very clean and quick fashion.

You can list down different categorize your task in the form of cards. Each card has many options that allow users to put into extra details regarding that particular task such as deadlines, notes, tags, and comments.


Sinium SEO


There are few apps that can match what Sinium SEO can do. If users want an SEO app that allows them to access various tools and functions on the go, also this app can allow users to perform functions such as checking for malware, evaluation of page authority, grammar checking, link analysis, and much more. This app has quick loading time, user-friendly interface with instant result. For SEO professionals this is the must-have app.




This is keyword rank and monitoring app allows you to monitor your website’s keywords. This app has very user-friendly interface all you have to do is just enter your website’s URL and keywords that you want to rank, the result take few moments to load, there you have it. You can also view a ranking chart for a particular keyword. Its well-made rank monitoring app that keeps you up to date, even when you away from work.


WebRank SEO Live


This is another real-time tracking app, this app provides you with a quick overview of your website just entering your website’s URL.

This app tracks ranking metrics as Pagerank and Alexa ranking, also track the number of indexed pages, social media interaction and website’s backlinks. This is the simplest app ob this list.




There are many types of the Android app available on the market, these apps can be considered to be the most popular ones. Having this app you can turn your mobile device into portable SEO hub. If you have any questions about Mobile SEO optimization, please leave your comment down below.

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