Want to Improve Your Ranking? Try This Techniques!

Many people put efforts into making perfect SEO strategies, use white hat techniques only to gain little traffic or poor results. Why do this things happen?

Many website owners doubled their SEO budget, they do everything correctly, but their search ranking just not get improves. If your ranking s not improving, don’t panic. This is just the natural progression of the ever-changing process that is SEO done. There are still ways in which you can still improve your search engine results page (SERP) rankings; even if your current strategy does not work. So, let’s see how.


Optimize and enhance your HTTP


Recently, Google frequently changes their algorithms, to ensure a better user experience. A big part of user experience is site security, and that is what you need to improve upon. It is highly noticeable that the letters “HTTP” is at the beginning of every site URL. However, having “HTTP” at the start of a site’s URL means that it is unsecured, and is generally not trustworthy. On the other hand, website’s that have “HTTPS” (S stands for secure) means that your website is secure, and is generally trusted by the search engines.


Make your Website Mobile Friendly


This is very common tips, but some people still not put lots of efforts on this. Many websites claimed that they are mobile friendly but they are the only semi-mobile friendly site. They can be considered as a website that shrunk into the desktop page. So, make sure your website is a fully mobile-friendly website.

It sounds little things, but mobile should be a big part of your life as an SEO practitioner. It should be one of your utmost priorities whenever the design of a website is in the works.


Technical SEO

When you hear about “technical SEO” you might wonder what is technical SEO? It often makes people scared and nervous. However, even if it is daunting, it is one of the primary helpers in boosting your website’s ranking. However, when people do SEO, and they do it correctly, but they do not get the strong results that they wanted, it oftentimes is because of they lack the incorporation of technical SEO. 


Structured Data


Often refers to as schema markup. This helps the search engine robots understand what everything in your website means.

When search engine spider/robot cannot read the data on your website, you have to be the one to tell them.

So, have you tried any of this tactic? Do you know other ways on how to improve ranking if your SEO strategies are not working as per your need? Tell us in the comment below.

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