What is Sitemaps? How It Affects Your Website?

Running a website in 2018 is not only a complex but time-consuming process. You have to choose you every step very carefully and have to adopt latest strategies to beat the raging competition. Webmasters have a demanding job to do, make sure that user’s content is indexed, realize higher search engines rankings, users find the required information, among others. For these, and many other reasons that every website owners must create sitemaps to directly notify Google about various changes the website undergoes and ensure that the new or updated content is crawled and indexed.

Back in the time where only new websites were submitted to the search engines, some details have since modified and moved to the content. In order to find new content, Google still uses external links. This leads to creating sitemaps a fundamental requirement to ensures that your content is found by the search engines. There are many options available today, you can easily have this done by using either a paid or free sitemap creation tools.


The depth of indexing


The number of visits that Google’s bot will make to your site pages is determined by how often your site is updated. Updating your site every day is necessary, Google will most likely visit your site every day. The depth of the indexing done by Google depends on the layering of levels of your site’s tree. Google consider your homepage as a first level page. Any page that is linked to from your homepage will be considered a part of the second level. Any pages that are linked to from these second level pages, but not from the homepage, are considered third level pages.


The New sitemap


A sitemap is simply just a list of your website’s pages in a single layout. When a visitor landed on your site they can use the sitemap to find the page that they looking for. Usually, the sitemap is to benefit the people who visit your site and give them a quick and easy way to navigate your site.

A sitemap has a benefit for the search engines as well. This sitemap will let the Google robot see how pages, such as those in the fourth and fifth level, fit into your site. If you link to your sitemap page from your homepage, all of the pages listed in your sitemap will be no farther from your home page than the third level. This will encourage Google to index your entire site.


To know your visitor


You can learn more about your visitors simply just monitoring your sitemap reports. You will get many errors in starting stage, so you have to fix them up. Using sitemap reports you can improve your site’s content and attract more traffic.

Keep your sitemap regularly updated, so, your site will be better indexed and easier for visitors to navigate.

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