Why long-Tail Keywords are better way to connect with customers?

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific way to connect with your target audience. If you want to establish better lines of communication between your business and consumers, you have to effectively manage long-tail keywords.

Think about it: if you Google the word “video game” (by the way this is a very broad keyword) what are the chances you’re going to end up clicking on the sale? But if you Google “PlayStation 4 1TB” you know exactly what you’re looking for.

You’re going to draw less traffic with long-tail keywords than the common one, also the traffic you draw is more focused, better, more committed, and more desirous of your services.


Long-tailed keywords – AKA Chinese dragon

Long-tail keywords are Chinese dragon, create a chart of worldwide keyword popularity, very few amount of phrases like Jurassic World, Amazon, and Stranger Things would show an enormous amount of searches.

A small percentage of all searches coming from the mid-length keywords, that means nearly 70% of page views are the result of long-tail keywords.

Competitions for shorter keywords are too high, so, it’s difficult to rank shorter keywords. With the right strategy of long-tail keywords, you can attract exactly the audience you’re looking for.


Lower the competition


Long-tail keywords are essential for all business, who want their content to rank high on Google with organic search as well as paid searches. While bidding, due to less competition, the CPC (cost per click) is always lower.


Tools for generating long-tail keywords


There are many tools for keyword research are available in the market both free and paid. There are other ways to find long-tail keywords. Let’s find out how.

  • Google Search
  • Keyword Planner
  • Research your competitors
  • Low competition keywords using Long Tail Pro

    Using Google Search


    When you use the prefix like “What” or “how to” you will find some great and easy to rank long-tail keywords.


    Google Keyword Planner


    This is the best tools for keyword research and it is entirely free to use. Just enter the search query and you’ll get a list based on profitable and competition keywords. Then you select keywords according to your requirement.


    Long Tail Pro for low competition keywords


    Long Tail Pro is the best-paid tool or keyword research. This will ask you to pay some bucks, but it will save a lot of your time and efforts by showing a detailed structure of top 10 pages for ranking your target keywords.


    Research your competitors


    You have to start studying your competitors, you need some generic keywords for ranking. You have to study both the more popular keywords and the less popular one.

    Choose competitor that gets most of its traffic from organic searches. You’ll find a number of keywords with search volume. By using Google Trends you can check whether the keyword you have selected is worth working on or not.



    If you know how to build a strategy around long-tail keywords and proper utilization, it can be hugely valuable for you to drive traffic. Just make sure your blog or website ranks for multiple terms and not only for the targeted keyword.

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