5 Ways You Can Generate Quality Leads Through LinkedIn

Are you looking to get more traffic to your website or more sales for your product? You should be. You may be overlooked the most popular social media platform that is packed with quality leads.

LinkedIn is the best social media network for generating quality leads, no matter what niche or business you engage in. According to marketing research, LinkedIn is three times more efficient in lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. With more than 500 million users worldwide, it would be a big mistake to overlook LinkedIn as a network for boosting online visibility.

Here are the ways you can generate quality lead using LinkedIn.


Attractive profile


To stand a chance of generating leads, you have to connect with these leads. You need to have a profile that not only attracts potential customers but also entice your customers to connect with you. It is important to upload a professional picture. Without a photo or an unprofessional photo, you’re likely to turn off any potential leads.

Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile has a compiling summary of your product or service.


Use LinkedIn advanced search

Not only connecting with people is important but you have to make sure you connect with right people. After all your business need qualified leads, right?

You can narrow your search down using the title, location, and industry, all thanks to LinkedIn Advanced Search function. Don’t blindly connect with everyone, maximize your time by connecting your ideal customers.


Be active on LinkedIn groups


Creating a group that is related to your business without being too promotional will improve brand your awareness. Choose your group name in such a way that your customers will be encouraged to join the group. Remember, always add relevant content that will benefit the group. If your brand or the industry you’re targeting already has active groups, then it might convenient for you to join those existing groups instead starting a new one on your own.


Share only valuable content on your profile


Once you connected with your leads, they should start seeing value from you, before sharing sales pitch, add some value to your profile. You can share an article about your product, how your product can help them. You can share links that are of use to your connection.


Sales Navigator


Through Sales Navigator, you can engage with your prospects, get instant insight, and monitor your growth and efforts.

Sales Navigator makes it easy to identify qualified lead, and see their field of interest, their recent activates and their contacts. Only LinkedIn premium users will use this tools.


Bottom Line

You must have an effective funnel set in place in order to generate leads. Because your sales will be made outside of the LinkedIn.

With perfect LinkedIn strategy and your sales funnel in place, there is no better network to find thousands of leads than LinkedIn.

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