6 Free Services will Boost Your Social Media Following

Getting tons of social media followers is impressive for business. But building a large audience on social media is not an easy job, this process is very time consuming and it will take valuable time away from making sales and improving your overall business. Using these free services you can create solid social media presence without devoting your precious time.




If you want to build strong social media presence, you need constant updating and posting. With a busy schedule, daily updating and posting new things can be a hassle. This tool will help you to prevent your social media presence from falling into disrepair by providing a single platform for scheduling your every post.


Social Mention


This tool is completely free and allows you to see an up-to-date list of who is talking about your business and what they’re saying. This tool will gather feedback, and make sure your relationship with your fans will remain strong. Social Mention will increase your online following and boost social media exposure.




You know what’s hot and trending today? Well, this tool knows everything. Addictomatic will determine whats trending and share-worthy, this tool makes easy by presenting the most shared, followed and watched content on the internet. You just have to enter the topic and this tool will spit out a list of content that help you form posts, followed and share with your audience.




User engagement is an important part of online marketing, there’s no place where user engagement is more crucial than in online promotions. Creating a promotion can help you gain new followers, engage current followers and drive sales and interest in your brand. Antavo is a website devoted to viral promotions through contests, quizzes, polls and giveaways across multiple social media sites. Antavo offers a free trial for business owners interested in their service. At $25 a month following the free trial, Antavo is a great way to improve your social media presence.




Discovering the best and easy way to reach out to a new audience on social media platforms can be hard. Pinterest can build a strong fan base, but without the proper information, it’s impossible to effectively spread your message. Reachli is a service that can help your business reach out to those posting similar content on visual media sites, as well as expose you to trending and popular visual media. For a strong presence on social media sites, use Reachli.


Twenty Feet


Building strong online presence is quite difficult. Using this free site that allows you to combine your Facebook and Twitter into one platform that tracks your metrics, keep your site updated and give you alert when an important message sent to your account. For more integration, Twenty Feet have premium plans.

Other than this tools, there are many paid tools available in the market. Do you know about that? Tell us what you think about in comment section.

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