9 Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

Over 2 billion users now on Facebook. Let that sink in.

Facebook is the most used social network in the world. For marketers, more users mean more customers. But more users and large network comes with more competitors. Marketers make sure that their Facebook channel is easy to find, related to their business, and provides value in the best ways possible.

This article you’ll learn the 9 best Facebook marketing tips for your business.


Complete your about page


There are many businesses left on section barren. Completing the about page of your business is very important. This is the very first page your visitors head to after Google search. Make sure all the details including your website and contact information are correct.

A/B Testing: One of the most effective ways to use social media is not just to take advantages of all options for drive traffic, but also utilize it to get data and feedback in a timely manner to measure the user experience so that result is never far off.


Update cover photo


The Facebook cover photo is an often overlook by many marketers for self-promotion. Facebook cover photo proved beneficial if you’re holding a contest or giveaway, your cover photo act like a promotional billboard.


Post to pin


Don’t forget to pin a post to the top of your Facebook feed. After launching a giveaway, publishing a new post, or announce contest winner, adding new features pin it to the top of your feed so that it’s the first post your customers see.


Include like button


Including Facebook like button on your website and blog can redirect traffic from these channels to your Facebook page, turning readers into customers. Make them like your page, for example, “Like our page for a regular update on our latest product!”




Facebook media comes in many shape and size making it the best way to hold Q&A sessions with followers. Post a specific time and start date for questions, request questions from your followers. Answer those questions with a simple response or live to record. The choice is up to you.


Promotion with email list


Convert your subscriber into Facebook fans. Offers exclusive deals, content, or promotion will get your email subscribers to follow the content you post on Facebook.


Promotion with email signature


You can drive direct traffic form the people you communicate with your Facebook page by adding a small button or link to your Facebook page with your email signature.


Facebook Ads


For a few dollars, you can get your page in front of the people who would be most interested in your product. Using Facebook ads you can reach targeted people quickly. Also, you can run Facebook contest, this is the perfect opportunity for having fun with your followers.


A custom landing page on Facebook


Do you know you can create a custom landing page on Facebook? Using custom tab you can create a landing page for almost any purpose. For example, you can offer free-trail of your software, this custom page has endless opportunities.

Hope this article gives you good ideas for improving your Facebook marketing strategies. Like with anything in marketing, this takes some testing and experiment to get things right for your audience.

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