How to Get More Pinterest Followers in 2018

Do you want more followers on Pinterest?

Want to get discovered by millions of people who search on Pinterest.

If your answer is Yes – This article is for you.

Well, this article will show you how easy it is to build up your Pinterest network.


Only Original Content


More than 80% of the posts on Pinterest are repins. You can easily stand out by posting original content. For example, Original images, Infographics, content you find online, funny images, etc.

Among those, Infographics stand out the most.


Repins content


If you only pin your own content, its tough to find fresh and original content daily.

Repinning content from others should be a big thing of your Pinterest marketing strategy. This is also a good way to get attention from the original source of material and get them to follow you. Keep in mind, include your own keywords and description.


Follow People


If you follow more people, you’ll get more followers. It’s that simple.

Following 10-15 people a day can make big change compared to just waiting for people to follow you. Replace your main domain with your website URL, or blog URL.


Use Keywords in Description


How you pin your images is as important as what you pin. So, use relevant searches in your description.

Many people use the Pinterest search bar to look for relevant images, using this you can get clear ideas for keywords in your Pinterest Description. Keep in mind, your keywords should be the long tail and terms people search for on Pinterest.




The contest should be core part of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Remember that this platform is all about people searching things that can inspire them. Make the contest easy to involved with clear and simple instructions. Reward quality over quantity.

Don’t suggest that Pinterest sponsors you, or the contest. Let them add what they like. Don’t ask your participants to comment, this considers as spammy behavior.


Always Be There!


If you invest time and money in social media marketing, you’ll get benefits from that. Linking from Pinterest to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will help you get more attention on Pinterest.

You can use other websites or social media platforms to promote your Pinboards.


Pinterest Friendly Website


Having a Pinterest share button on your website is a great way to get followers. When people like your content, they easily follow you and repin your content.




If your brand isn’t on Pinterest, you should think again! What do you think? Are there any other ways to get followers on Pinterest? Would you like to share your marketing tips? Leave a comment below.

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