How To Grow Your Business Using Twitter

Twitter is not just only public relations tool. You can do a lot more than just publicize your product/services. Twitter helps your business to connect with engaging customers. So how your business get benefits from Twitter? This article will help you to use social media tools that grow your business on the internet.


Twitter generate lead


‘I want’ and ‘I need’ is most commonly used phrases on Twitter. Three-hundred million tweets send in 24 hours, you could get an advantage by special promotions and flash sales. Offer a deal or service that your customers cannot find anywhere else. If your deal is compelling and unique, you’re likely to get retweets that attract new customers.


Recruiting from twitter


Many companies use social media platforms to hire new talents, and Twitter is one of them. 74% hire comes from social media. You have to constantly monitor Twitter activity for potential candidates. You can find job candidates using hashtags like #jobs, #jobsearch.


Market survey


Find out what customers think of your new product or service. Add your service or product on twitter and ask for feedback, this platform is very quick and easy for gathering valuable insight from your audience. Twitter is the best way to collect fresh ideas, feedback, and opinions on your product or brand.




When you’re hosting an upcoming event, Twitter’s advertising allows you to send Twitter cards, call to action, and a short message to your targeted audience. Also promoting your service or product on Twitter will increase your website registration. You can show ads to readers who’ve visited your blog or website but haven’t registered yet. Twitter’s advertising rates are very low, anyone can create and run ads with affordable budget.


Stand out from the crowd


Social media platforms create an attention economy, so you need to make an impression on an endless stream of content flowing every day. The best way to stand out among others is to add value to your professional network. Respond when people ask questions, get involved in retweet posts from people with whom you want to connect and post only valuable content. Once you get attention, you can create your network – whether retweeting your content or answering questions or brand promotion.


Twitter boost your SEO


Twitter and Google have a special bond. You can get benefit from this special bond. For instance, tweets appear in Google search result. Thus, adding your high ranking keywords in your tweets to increase the overall ranking of your business. Tweeting frequently about the topic you want to rank higher in Google.


Drive traffic to your local store


Twitter may be the global online platform, but you can increase your local store popularity. Get connect with local readers in your area and let them know about special deals and promotion going on at your physical store.

If you’re ready to drive a massive amount of traffic to your website and grow your business, you can’t afford to ignore Twitter. Sign up today and gain benefits for your business.

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