How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Would you like to get your brand new product seen by everyone, increase following of customers who really want to know about your product and get paid? If so, then Instagram is your best shot.

Now that Instagram has over 700 million users, many brands are finding ways to interact with the Instagram community and connect with customers who keep coming back for more. If you’re new to the Instagram, no worries. This article covered everything you need to know. So, let’s get started.


Set up your business account


Make your business account separate from your personal one. Keep in mind that marketing is all about business and not about you. Don’t upload selfies of your trip, keep them separate from your business account. Keep your profile consistent as well. Make sure every interactions and engagement on Instagram is professional. On Instagram you got one shot to directly lead a click over to your site. Your bio is the one spot where you can add your website’s link. Right under your name.


Create interesting posts to promote your products


Your product photo has always essential to online shopping. Posting product picture and well-written description will boost your sales. Instagram is the only marketplace that converts direct traffic into sales. Avoid crop or blurred image that loses professional touch. Make sure your images reflect professionalism.


Promote events on Instagram


Many companies use Instagram to promote events, invite followers using geo-tags. Many snaps of backstage selfies and behind-the-scenes will get you huge community response. Even if you don’t have famous people to represent your brand. Make a short video, Instagram offers you 15-second videos on your feed. So use this feature.


Improve customer relationships


Sharing content and growing followers is not enough, how do you solidify that following into loyal customers? By engaging!

Write active and use a proper caption. Without an effective caption, you might not get the full potential of response from your followers. Including simple call-to-action button will increase your post’s value. Respond to every notification and don’t leave the conversation one-sided. Offering an opportunity to enhance customer service, Instagram closes the bridge between online buyer and seller.


Lunch live product on Instagram


If you’re launching a new product, do it live on Instagram. Make a 15-second video of product launch and stuff behind the scene with excited customers.


Keep tracking new customers


The only way you can achieve continued growth is to take time to analyze your successes. Research your audience, see the numbers on who’s liking your post and tagging your brand. Giving shout-outs can improve your relationships with customers.

Keep in mind that integrating Instagram into your ongoing campaign, you can give your online followers insights of your product in a new and creative way. Maintain relationship with community and associations are just as important as your brand. So there you have it, how to promote your brand on Instagram. This is the best time to include Instagram into your social media strategy.

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