How to Use Pinterest to Rank High in Google Search?

Google search engine will put you higher on search result based on how many website or blogs are linking to your site. The more the links, the better your site will rank in search engines. These links are called Backlinks. Also, the more authority those websites have also helped your website ranking in search result.

Here are 5 ways to rank higher using Pinterest.


Discover Guest blog using Pinterest


This is one of the quickest ways to find potential guest posting sites is by searching the categories section on Pinterest. By hovering over the Categories section you can quickly find a possible topic that fits your industry.

When searching specific category the possibilities are endless. So you will have to focus on pins that are relevant to your niche. For example, if you are looking for a site in the health industry, you could start by searching the Health and fitness category. By clicking on the pin for additional information you can usually decide if the opportunity is worth looking into or not.

This is important, keep in mind that, it is always good to look at the title of the board individuals, this helps you to understand a user’s intent.


Blog comments


This is a great way to participate in a conversation about topics within your niche and often time result in a link back to your website (backlinks). Most blogging platforms will let you fill out following field, name, website, and email. The individual’s name is what will be displayed when leaving comments.

By adding such details about a blog post you are rewarded with a link back to your website. This Backlinks not only builds an individual’s credibility on the subject. But helps Google search engine to create an association between your site and topic that you commented on.


Host giveaway


The easiest way to do this is by using the Pinterest search feature. More than likely the blogs that host these kinds of giveaways will cross-promote the giveaway on Pinterest. You can start by searching for the keyword giveaway. From there you can begin to refine your search even more by using targeted phrases (ex. Gaming console giveaway) or the Boards and Pinners filter.


Link Analysis


Don’t upload a documentary. A majority of the video ads online are 30 seconds or less. Keep this optimal length in mind as you create the script for the video.
Keep in mind, if you are using videos for brand positioning, longer videos can be effective as well. For example, if you’re telling a story about your brand that features a customer or company representative, a longer video would be ideal.


Tell your customers why


If you started using Pinterest for your brand than your competitors probably have too. You can find many things about competitors by link analysis.

  • What are they pinning?
  • Who are they following?
  • Who is following their stuff?
  • What’s working best for them, that might work for you as well.
    This will help you to understand how your competitors are marketing their product/ service.

    So, have you discovered any new link building strategies through Pinterest? We would love to hear your comments below.

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