Top 3 Instagram Scheduler Tools to Boost Your Engagement

Many marketing experts referred Instagram as a place where “People turn their hobbies into purchase”.

If this is true then every writer, blogger, programmer, podcaster, business person, and freelancer should have an Instagram account if they want to turn followers into frequent buyers.

Until last year Instagram never allowed automatic posting of updates on Instagram. However, on January 2018 Instagram allowed automatic posting of images via some of their partners. Here are a few of the Instagram tools that will let you automatically post updates on Instagram without manual intervention.




This is another great app for scheduling Instagram posts. Tailwind is an official partner of Instagram and allows you to do automatic posting and updating. What makes this app better are the analytics and scheduling features that focus on every post seen by your followers.


  • Completely automated publishing
  • Post analytics
  • Includes Pinterest
  • Add more than one account
  • Drag and drop features
  • Chrome addon
  • iOS App


  • Not for the Android user!



    You’ve definitely heard about this one. It does a great job at scheduling Instagram posts through its mobile app (available for iOS and Android), but it goes beyond that.

    For each social network added to this app, you get separate tabs labeled Inbox, Listening, Publishing, Fans & Followers, and Reports. The Listening tab allows you to search for a hashtag and monitor its activity. Reports give you a detailed chart of your profile’s statistics including likes and followers. You can even add automated rules to moderate comments and mentions.


  • Full Analytics
  • Republish Option
  • Visual calendar

  • Manual publishing
  • Expensive ($99/month)



    This is a multi-platform app to help you publish Instagram content according to your needs.

    This means that you can upload images from Later or from your mobile device and schedule it for publishing at the later time. Than Later will send you a notification leads you to phone’s Instagram app with content ready to be published.

    While this process isn’t that convenient, it’s still a great way to ensure your Instagram is updated regularly.
    With a free account, you can schedule up to 30 posts a month.


  • Multi-patform app for Desktop, Web, Mobile
  • Interactive calendar
  • Also schedule Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter posts.
  • Upload photos from Dropbox and Google Drive

  • Can’t upload or publish directly from Instagram.
  • Other features required a paid subscription
  • You can’t copy captions over to actual Instagram post.



    You have the power to boost your Instagram engagement using this free and paid option. You just need to make a decision about whether you want simple scheduling reminders or more advanced publishing options.

    Tell us which tool do you use for scheduling Instagram posts? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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