YouTube Marketing Tips – How to Grow Your Channel

As we are in 2018, there is no time to waste. These days you are your opportunity to be among the highest paid YouTubers. 2017 has been an interesting year in many aspects, but this year we have been a witness of fastest growing technologies. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and chatbots now everywhere.

Marketing methods have changed a lot too. In the evolution of marketing era, social media gained popularity in the way of selling product or service nowadays. Social media platform just replace the traditional marketing methods and it seems to be working really well these days.

As you see: infographics, pictures, and videos are everywhere. This strong trend may continue in the next year and the best thing about videos? They are on top of every visual. Almost any platform is filled with video content.

Here are some best YouTube marketing tips for this year:


Single Keyword/Topic


It may seem obvious, but creating videos around a single keyword is the great way to get the traffic you want and grow your channel. Many people who are unaware of SEO skip this, but its very important to get maximum exposure. Look for the most search keywords on Google or you could use free keywords tools, which is specific to YouTube.

Always pick a keyword before you build content for your YouTube channel. It helps you to build a strong information around that keyword/topic. Once you choose your keyword, look for the videos that are currently ranking for that keyword, and don’t forget to optimize your title and description.


Recreate Existing Content


The easiest way to get millions of views is to create great content, everyone knows that. But that content doesn’t always have to build from scratch. Many great YouTube videos are built on engaging, useful and actionable content that already created. Search for blogs, how-to contents, guides, and other high-quality content and find a way to make them into cool videos.


Engage with Audience


YouTube is similar to any social media channel and therefore demands social interaction. If you uploading daily videos without encouraging comments and discussion, you’re missing a trick. Try responding to comments and ask users to engage with visual prompts.




Let me ask you a question, is your content visually appealing? If you get enough subscribers to your channel and people take your YouTube channel seriously, you need to look professional. Branding also helps users immediately recognize your content. Also don’t forget to add custom URLs to your channel, and write an interesting bio about your brand and what your videos are about.

Keep in mind, drive traffic with quality content is a just first step, you have to maintain your channel’s popularity. Be true to yourself and your brand, and engage with your audience along the way. 

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