5 Important Tips for Improving Your Web Design

Within 5 seconds of the landing page on your website, visitor make their decision whether to explore more or not. Let me ask you some questions, Can your customers determine what your company does? Is the layout of your website easy to understand? Could visitors easily find blogs if they need to?

If your answer is ‘no’ to above questions, it might be time to take a serious look at your website’s design.

There are some things you need to know before start improving your web design.


Have a plan


Don’t just start design website. To make sure your website is effectively meet the needs of your customer, what you need to do first is, map out your customer’s journey from first time they land on your website to the moment they became a buyer.

What pages they like to view, what content they excited to read, and what offers are they going to convert on? Understand this thing will help you design a site that helps you to generate natural leads through sales funnel.


Remove these things from your website


Certain elements on your website are going to detract from the message you’re trying to convey. Complex animations, content that’s too long (more than 800 words) hefty images are just a few factors on the list.

Once you remove those things, then review it. Make sure it doesn’t contain jargon terminology.


Add social share buttons


You have to give visitors the opportunity to share what they like, producing good content and offers only go so far. If your website doesn’t have social sharing buttons, you could be missing out on massive social media traffic.

Social sharing and follow buttons act as a non – pushy tools that encourage your audience to spread your content on popular social media platforms.


Call – to – action


Once your visitor visits your website, they don’t know what page to view or what action to take if you don’t provide them with some sort of direction.

Call – to – action tell users what to do when they land on your site. While many of us know that, it can beneficial for you to use them to guide users through your website.

Here are some examples of call – to – action button, Sign up, watch more video, click here to read more, download, see pricing and many more.


Use right images


Not every image can match with the type your content you’re trying to upload to your website.

Fortunately, you have verities of options to choose from. Just because your website has an attractive image, it doesn’t mean it look original and will evoke trust in your company. If it possible, use images of the real people that work at your company.

Hopefully, these website design tips have given you something to work on and help point you in the right direction.

Which design tips will you be embracing in 2018? Please let us know in the comment below.

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