7 Common E-commerce Website’s Mistake You Need to Avoid

Creating a website to sell product or service can be a great moneymaker. It can save you from paying rent and utilities on the store and hiring people to staff it. You have the freedom to virtually open a store and sell to everyone with very low overhead.

Although similar to starting a physical store, simply starting a website won’t guarantee sales in and of itself. Below are 7 of the most common e-commerce mistakes you should do your best to avoid.


Bad Customer Service


Even after customer will be purchasing and not speaking face-to-face with a sales rep, customer service is still important. Make it easy for consumers to get their questions answered, speak to a person (if they want) or file a complaint. You also need to be prepared to take returns and process a variety of payments, including refunds if necessary.


Not enough visuals


The only way for consumers to truly understand what they’re buying online is through product images. They cannot pick up the object or test it out but must infer from the images you choose that it is what they’re looking for. If the product comes in many different colors, make sure to include pictures of those options as well, or at least switch the color of your existing images.


Poorly written description


A product description is equally important as the product image. You want your product description to cover all of the selling points, but also answer questions about how the product is made, what it does or how it works?


Complicated check-out process


Once a purchasing decision has been made, the customer should be able to make their purchase quickly and with as few clicks as possible. Make sure to offer a “check-out as a guest” option so that people who don’t wish to create an account don’t have to.


Lack of shipping options


All consumers like to have options, and this is especially true for shipping. Do your best to offer a variety of shipping methods in terms of delivery time and price. It’s hard for a customer to justify making a purchase from you if there’s only one shipping option and it costs as much as the item they’re buying.


Search capability


If you have a multitude of products, it’s important that customers can search using a few keywords and find the information they need. According to marketing research, customers who use on-site search to find a product are three times more likely to purchase.


Only Desktop-friendly


We no longer live in a world of desktop computer users. Today, transactions are taking place on smartphones and tablets at an alarming rate making it imperative that you have a mobile-optimized or device-agnostic website. For most website platforms, this feature is automatically included.

These are just some of the e-commerce website mistakes that annoy customers. What do you think? Do you know about other mistakes that turn away customers from making a purchase? Share with us in the comment section.

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