7 Landing Page Design Tips That Drive more Customers

Creating a landing page that lure visitors isn’t an easy job. You have to first understand what the audience wants. There is no easy and fast way to creating a landing page. Some might work for one business, might not for another. This all thing entirely depends on your business goals.

Here are some of the tips you should be considered when design a landing page for a better result.


Create compiling and unique title


It is important to create a unique title for your landing page. It is that one line that should grab your visitor’s attention. Your title has to be interesting. That could be your selling point, asking a related question to your visitor might value your landing page for him.


Show its benefits


Many businesses think a unique title is enough to convert your visitors into customers. But it is not true. It takes little more than that to convert visitors into potential buyers.

If you have visitor’s attention – now, focus on showing them the benefits. Remember, an average visitor’s attention span is very much lesser than a minute.


Broadcast offers


A good landing page headline and subheading is an effective way to promote offers. Your offers and value propositions have to be clear and convincing because you have about 8 seconds to convince visitors your offer is worth their money.


Mobile friendly page


These days it’s important to make your landing page mobile friendly because nearly 40% of all web activity comes from a mobile device. Its been shown that having mobile-friendly web page can increase your traffic and double your conversion. Your landing page should be easy to navigate, and quick loading.


Keep your form short and to the point


As an online marketer when visitor land on your website, you want to collect as much data as you can from them. Less is more, keep in mind that when you are creating a good landing page. It is important to make fill out as few form field as possible. The longer your form, the less chance you have of them filling out. If your conversion requires a form, make sure you ask only the essence of what you need. Remember you can always use thank you page for asking more information.


Customize your landing page for different platforms


If you have a killer offer and been promoting well, you’ll likely be generating traffic from different sources. If you have a budget, make your landing page different audiences. A visitor that arrives at your website from Twitter or Facebook post is quite different than a visitor that arrives at your website from PPC ad.




The final hallmark of a great landing page is testing. An effective landing page cannot be created without proper A/B testing. Testing and tracking are two great ways to see your landing page status, and what is doing wrong. If you not satisfied with the result, test more!

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