How to Write Perfect About Us Page for Your Brand

Many online business websites think about us page is difficult to write. It’s the downside because analytics often show the about us page is one of the most frequently visited page on any website.

Many companies find difficult to hit the right balance between selling themselves to their customers and driving them away, that’s why the page is so often neglected. We picked some of the great techniques from around the web.


Talk about your audience, not about yourself


Dedicated your first sentence to your audience’s objectives and challenges. Start with a very first reason they land on your website in the first place is the best way to show that you have their need in mind.

Simply just present your readers with facts, this will help you to highlight your selling points and plan to boost. Facts could be anything from the number of awards you’ve received to offering new product each month to your client retention rate.


Let your audience do the talking


When you are thinking of trying new things like go to the dentist or buying new furniture, you don’t care what they say about themselves. You only care about what buyers said. By including a few customer review on your about us page, you can create a great hub of information.

Be sure to add full name of your client also any relevant details that could add value to your testimonials. If possible include photos and short videos of your customers, all these things help to build trust in your website or brand.


Variety of forms and media


Make your about page attractive using photos, videos, and Infographics. Provide attractive images and design while still providing customers with the key information they need. This help to capture their attention as long as possible.

You don’t have to include each and every team member photos. Although individual headshots do help customers visualize your company. Photos of fundraising events, workplace, management headshots, can all add character to your brand.

Video testimonies are a great way of entertaining those with particularly very short attention span and sum up the feeling of your company in a matter of seconds.


Tell your story


Even if your brand doesn’t have a great story, you can still tell a story.

No matter where you have come from, the more the people can identify with you the more trust they’ll place in your brand. You don’t have to tell everything if you have been established for many years. People don’t want year-by-year stories. But you have to include a key element like what makes your brand so special, keep tales of new windows or a change of paper supplies to yourself.




Don’t be afraid to make amendments. Spend some time on research, check your analytics for more traffic volume, and bounce rate and visiting duration on a particular page. Remove old content, add some images, introduce a video, etc. based on your data.

Tell us what makes your website’s about us page so great, comment down below.

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