Squarespace Vs. Wix Which is Better for You in 2018

Many of you still confused about what to choose Wix or Squarespace? I’m sure this article will help you make that decision a bit easier for you. Without any delay let’s explore.




Wix: When you open the control panel you know how easy it was to navigate in Wix. it’s eye-catching, well organized and really motivating. It’s a real pleasure to work in Wix. You can easily customize your site in a WYSIWYG editing environment simply by drag and drop design elements and widgets to the canvas. The flipside of this approach – called ‘absolute positioning’- is that you can’t change your theme in the future.

The control panel of Wix is divided into two sections: Editor and Dashboard. The Dashboard lets you easily manage your sites’ settings, and the Editor gives you a total WYSIWYG website creation experience.

Squarespace: The latest version of Squarespace address all the UX-related pains points and made easier than its predecessor. Nevertheless, it is still inferior to that of Wix. There’s certainly a learning curve. But once you understand its logic, updating your site gets easy and fast.


Style and Flexibility


Wix: If your main goal is to build a beautiful looking website in less than an hour without writing any codes than Wix is clear choice for you. In Wix, You have enough tools to build a stunning looking website within an hour. Most of the features are native options that you can enable directly through the control panel.

Squarespace: This website builder also filled with rich-features. Squarespace features look more compact, as it has no app market like Wix.

Although Squarespace seems to be more flexible, it’s not the clear winner. While Squarespace lets you build a website from scratch in a professional way keeping your site’s architecture clean, it has no such huge number of useful apps as Wix.


Customer Support


WIX: Many editable elements in the control panel contain a small interrogative sign icon – just click it to learn more about the object you’re about to edit. Wix also offers an extensive help center with videos, how-to articles, and forum. Many questions have already been asked and answered there.

Squarespace: Squarespace offers premium help including tutorials, live chat, and email support. And Squarespace started again holding one-on-one workshops that take place in their Customer Care offices in New York.




If you’re looking for a freebie, you’ll find it on Wix. On the other hand, Squarespace offers better functionality and customization.

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