The Most Important Elements of Web Design

If you’re having a website redesigned, what are the main elements that you’re focused on? For most firms, the process is something like this:

  • Checking company’s portfolio
  • Contact those firms to get pricing info
  • Get information from one or many web designing firm
  • Hire one
  • Communication, discuss style and design pattern
  • Send some examples that you’ll like
  • Adding stocks photos
  • Skip site structure and UI
    This process is backward!


    Website content


    How well-written is content? Is it convincing? Does it clearly speak the product’s advantages? Let’s not forgot that photography and graphics are also content. Do they support the copy?

    Do not forget to add page and site architecture and make sure everything organized in the most effective way possible to communicate the message.


    Website as a tool


    Think of the website as a functional tool. It exists to serve a particular purpose.

    Imagine designing a computer and completely ignoring its core function.
    Imagine putting the entire budget of computer design toward the amazing looking screen and nice and effective color scheme in monitor Then you just build the thing out of cheap plastic and ignore its core purpose: A strong Motherboard.

    That is what companies do when they focus the entire effort on the design of the container and half the stuff that goes inside the container.
    How to solve this?


    Can you provide samples of websites that your company design?


    1.Website Copy

    What is your content really want to say?
    What is a real value proposition that will resonate with our audience?

    2. Page & site architecture

    Once you what we want to say, but where do we want to say it?
    How should the information on each page be organized?
    How should the site as a whole be organized?

    3. Visuals that directly support the copy

    Phone icons next to phone numbers, your logo at the top of the page, shopping cart icons to add something to the shopping cart.
    Everyone goes overboard on this…don’t do that.

    4. Custom photography


    Avoid stock photography on your website at all costs


    Stock photography says two things about a company:

    We couldn’t think of anything to put here and thought a generic image of two business people shaking hands would accomplish something.

    We’re too cheap to properly showcase our product, service, or team members.

    You don’t want your customers getting either impression.

    Worry about this last, and only if you have the big budget after everything else is awesome. And know that this is a bit overdone to the extreme. Nobody cares if your video has an amazing border around it. Nobody cares if your navigation menu has a blue gradient background or just plain design.

    Your customers do care what makes you different from the rest. Your customers also care about what your product looks like.

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