Things You Need to Know About Java – Pros and Cons


What Do you know about Java?

In the programming world, Java is the most popular programming language. Java – Commonly known as general-purpose computer programming language, it has received popularity because of its object-oriented features. In the programming world, this language has been in existence for over 2 decades, because of its characteristics and frequent evolution kept it current.

Newcomers to the field of development, get confused about which programming language to specialize in. If they decided to choose by the popularity, Java would certainly be the front-runner. That explains the increasing number of young Java developers who want to learn this language.


Where is Java Used?


You might wonder where this language used? Well, Oracle suggests that more than 3 billion apps and websites run on Java. That is a big number right there. Here, look at some of the common application of Java language.

Android Application Development: You will be surprised to find that a majority of the apps you use in your daily life are written in Java.

Web App Development: This is another industry where you find heavy use of Java. Most of E-Commerce app/websites are written in Java programming language. E.g. NetSuite, Liferay, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Big Data: Companies are nowadays struggling with a large amount of data. Big data management tools like Hadoop came into existence.


Pros of Java


Now that you know about java’s popularity, let’s discuss the reasons behind it.


Learning curve


Java has an extremely short learning curve. It is easy to write, compile and debug than other major programming languages like C++ and C#. That’s a huge advantage because this ensures that Java programming became more and more productive in a very short span of time.


Object Oriented


Now comes the major advantage of java. This allows you to create-once (code) and compiles everywhere. This will make Java a flexible programming language.


Rich APIs


You can perform multiple in Java like database creation, networking, I/O, XML parsing etc.


Free of cost


How could we not talk about this point? When it comes to development, many small business owners want their web development done at a minimum cost. With Java being free, it makes it cost effective.


Cons of Java


Along with pros, you will always come across cons of any programing language. There are some disadvantages you can find in this programing language.


Lack of genericity


Java has no support for writing generic data structure and methods.


No enumeration type


Java does not support multiple types of enumeration. However, you can be simulated by generating a series of name constants.


More memory space


Java is slower and takes more memory space than other programming languages. But Java 5.0 made better by including some static imports in it.




In the end, Java is turning into a language of choice. As a newbie programmer, it just might be a stepping stone for you. Tell us what you guys think of Java in the comment section.

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