Tips for Creating The Best Registration Form

When running an event or contest you obviously want everything to be as perfect as it can be – and that’s why building a perfect registration form can help you do the hard work beforehand.

When looking to create a great registration form, there are some things you should think about including age, food requirements, and of course, making it as simple and easy as possible so visitors actually fill it!
Keep in mind, here are five ways you can make sure your registration form is as attractive, straightforward and simple as possible:


Ask for what you need


The main aim of your registration form should be to get the most registrations as possible. For that, you need to lower the scraping between someone starting and finishing the form – which means only asking for what you need from them and building the form easy and straightforward.

List out what data you need to run the event, food details, contact attendees, permission and additional marketing information. Think from there, then go for it.


Let your user know how their information is being used


You’re asking for information that could potentially be sensitive for some users, such as medical history or mobile number, make sure you are crystal-clear about how you are going to use their data and in what ways.


Don’t make every field mandatory


If you have the form that has every field mandatory, sooner or later they become annoying. If you need to collect some information and have other pieces of information that would just be nice to have, then make only the important ones mandatory to actually complete the form. If you make visitors fill out every field – even when it isn’t something you must know – they might become frustrated and leave your website without filling out the form.

Also keep in mind that, you can use drop-down lists or checkboxes with prefilled answers to help registrants save time.


Give right directions


Some questions might require instructions on how to answer. Make sure that for first-time visitors, the question title is as clear as possible. You can also provide greyed out text in each field showing example answers.

It helps to be clearer with your wording, don’t use any potential misinterpretation of the question.


Check the form on all available devices


It’s important to prior to publishing your form, that you’ve checked it on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Majority of people uses the web and complete purchases on their mobile phones and you want to make sure that you are not asking for too much information. By double checking your website’s form on all devices, you will ensure you have created the best experience for all your visitors.

Just remember every good form take time to create. Choose your template carefully, and get some feedback so you can make improvements to it over time. Let people know that their information is safe and will be used for the better – and make sure your forms highlight that wherever possible.

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