What is CSS? Things You Need to Know About CSS Tools

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is responsible for how HTML elements are to be displayed on the screen, paper, or some other media. CSS can control layout of multiple pages at once. CSS is still one of the most popular modes of web designing, yet, for many website designers its very lengthy and tedious job. Thus, many website designers still use CSS in order to quicken the process up as well as have more control over the design elements.

Here are some popular CSS tools recommended by web designers to enable you to create a fine looking website very quickly and easily. Remember, you don’t need to know everything about CSS!


Automatic CSS Inliner


This tool helps you design your next email campaign, by transforming your local style into Inline CSS. It automatically transforms your local style into Inline CSS, so that you can avoid the long and time-consuming process of writing CSS Inline yourself.


Clean CSS


If you want to clean up your CSS, this tool is for you. This tool is also a Super powerful optimizer and formatter. Clean CSS makes your CSS code concise and compressors files. Moreover, it helps with shorthand code too, enabling those who have only some knowledge of CSS shorthand to have tidy and concise shorthand CSS coding.


CSS Text Wrapper


It pretty much does what its name says, it wraps text, but not just into rectangles. This tool will wrap your text into any shape.




Its a valuable resource to Sass developers. It’s free maxin library for developing vendor prefixes and automated value with many functions. Bourbon is not just scripting library, but rather a detailed complement to Sass. You will need to understand Sass to work with this tool.


Scout App


A Sass/Compass GUI is perhaps the simplest way for developers to hop into dynamic CSS. And Scout App is the best solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.


CSS state


This website can analyze and visualize useful CSS statistics about any site. Just enter a site URL and click the ‘Go’ button, the tool will show how many rules, selectors, declarations, and properties are there, which colors are being used in fonts and backgrounds, raw CSS etc.

Hope you find these tools and some framework useful in your web designing project. If you have any suggestion, please share via comments.

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