What is SQL? Advantages and Disadvantages of SQL

SQL fully formed Structured Query Language and it can be defined as a domain-specific language used to manage the relational databases and performs different operations on the data stored in them. SQL is used as their standard database language by all the relational database management systems like Informix, Oracle, SQL servers, Posgres, MySQL, MS Access, and Sybase.


History of SQL


SQL was developed in the 1970s, by the Raymond FF. Boyce and Donald D. Chamberlin at IBM with the name of SEQUEL. It was developed for manipulating and fetch the data that stored in the original quasi-relational database management system of IBM. However, the first commercial implementation of SQL was introduced in June 1979 by Relational Software for VAX computers.

The Advantages of adopting SQL are growing and considerable. SQL has had a tremendous increase in its use during the last few years. This trend is set to grow even more as organizations gathered more and more data which they need to store and then make sense of. Skills in SQL are therefore many sorts of in the job marketplace.


Advantages of SQL (Structured Query Language)



SQL standards


First standards was released in 1986 by ANSI (American National Standards) and ISO (International Standards Organization) followed in 1987. The latest standard part was made in 2011.


Data Portability


SQL support mainframes, PCs, laptop, tablets, servers, and smartphones. SQL runs on a local system with intranet and internet. Databases using SQL can be moved from device to another without problems.


Open source


Free of cost database from MySQL, PostGres, and MariaDB. Database with large community support and low cost.


Creators of major DBMS systems


SQL is used by all vendors such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft who develop DBMS.


Easy-to-understand System


SQL consists mainly of English statements and making it easy to learn and write SQL queries. It can be used to talk to databases and get answers to complex questions in seconds.


The disadvantage of SQL


Along with many advantages, the Structured Query Language also has some disadvantages.




SQL has a difficult interface that makes it complex for some users to access it.




Even if you are the programmer, you don’t have full control over the database because of the hidden business rules.


Not easy implementation


many databases go to the proprietary extensions to standard SQL for ensuring the vendor lock-in.




The operating cost of some SQL versions makes it difficult for some programmers to access it.




Over the years, SQL has become one of the most widely used database languages in the world.  It has become a standard for the International Organization for Standardization and American National Stands Institute (ANSI).

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