What is UI/UX Design and Why is it Important?

Have you ever came across the term ‘UI’ and ‘UX’ and wondered what they actually meant? In today’s digital world both UI and UX are being used more than ever. Both UI and UX are designing terms.

Here’s what you need to know about UI and UX!


User Interface (UI)


UI is actually a tool to communicate with the website or other digital devices. UI is basically a set of menus that including the icons, toolbars, button etc. These tools help the user to navigate and make selections and input data.


User Experience (UX)


UX cover all the area of end-users’ interaction with your website, it also refers to how customers interact with company’s website, app or other digital product.


What is the difference between UI and UX?


In digital field, these two are the most confusing terms. In simple words, UI means an aggregation of collected approaches and elements that allows users to interact with a system.

UX include more than UI as it is impossible to create user-friendly UX by just adding buttons and menus on the website. To give best user experience to the visitors, it is important to include aspects of shapes, motions, language, task flow, physical interaction and more.


UI & UX Impact on Business


  • Using a great UI & UX, you can win your customer’s hearts. The more they will be satisfied, the more they will come to you to buy your service or product.
  • If your customers can’t grasp how to make a purchase on your application or interact with your website. They will leave your website or app ASAP.
  • If you are a start-up business and want to get brand recognition, UI and UX will play a vital role because you can attract customers through the quality of your website or application.
  • If you’re running an eCommerce website than UI & UX is not only important to your business but also make purchasing of product easy and fast.
  • Your website has to be user-friendly because customer’s attention span is very low, you need to grab customer’s attention and keep hold of it.
  • Getting right UI & UX aspect can boost your website for future growth.
  • Clean, simple and attractive website design can help establish your brand in the market. After all your website represents your brand.
  • A good UI & UX design make sure that your customers will return back to you to buy your service or product.
  • If you want long-term success, you have to give importance to UI & UX design. These will lure new visitors, more sales conversion, and increased frequency of visitors. Thus investing in a well-designed website will positively impact on your brand.

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